A Grocery Retailer’s Display Audit

At VideoMining, we understand the fierce competition for every inch of floor space in grocery stores. Secondary displays have the potential to drive category growth significantly, but the ROI can often be uncertain, and planning decisions can sometimes be left to guesswork.

In this Case Study, we share a successful project with a leading national grocery chain who wanted to look holistically at secondary displays across the total store and create a metric-driven playbook for quantifying opportunities and designing merchandising programs that were built to win with shoppers, and built to bolster store productivity and reduce waste.

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Grocery Display Case Study


The multi-dimensional approach this grocery retailer took to dissect the productivity of secondary displays through observed shopper behavioral trends.

The role of traffic patterns and store heatmaps in building a total store perspective on space planning and retail merchandising

The key factors of successful displays that drove store productivity and total category growth.

The top misconceptions of display placement strategies that were debunked with empirical evidence.

The role of the project findings in guiding retail planning and display diagnostics cross-functionally

Ready to learn more? Check out our Grocery Display Playbook to discover how empirical evidence and behavioral science is helping CPGs and retailers build data-driven display playbooks that win with shoppers and deliver show-stopping performance results.